About Us

Welcome to Atlanta’s true insurance boutique, Lanigan Insurance Group. Here you will have access to more than your traditional insurance broker.  You will find information on our company, our carriers, how we do business, and how we can serve you! We thank you for taking the time to visit us, and we look forward to contacting you. As you browse through our site, you will see that not only have we highlighted background information on our firm and the services we provide, but have also included useful resources such as a glossary of insurance terms and an information checklist to inquire about an insurance review.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you may have – we’d love to hear from you. We pride ourselves on being proactive and responsive to our clients’ inquiries and suggestions.  I think you will enjoy the way we do business at Lanigan Insurance Group.

Why Lanigan Insurance Group?

From a customer..
Home, Life, Personal Insurance

Being a ‘proactive advisor’ sets LIG apart from other insurance providers. Most simply check rates & are not either proactive nor an advisor, but I needed both. Due to the size and complexity of my account (collectibles, 2nd home, etc.), the review before coverage was put in place needed significant analysis & development of several options.

From a customer..
Homeowners Insurance

Before I became a client of LIG, I was presented with a list depicting an array of value-added services the agency would provide me after I became their client. It was an impressive and desirable group. LIG did deliver these ‘extras’ and this went way above and beyond anything I had received from other agencies previously. I especially appreciated the pre-inspection of my home that was done that detected an underinsured situation.