Business Owners

Lanigan for Business Owners

  • Are having great Rates not enough for you..

    .. but you also want a trusted Atlanta business insurance advisor that works for you and looks out for your interests?

  • Have you thought there may be other Options..

    .. to consider, but those have not been brought to you by your current insurance advisor?

  • Are you unsure if you are properly Protected..

    .. and if every vital exposure is addressed by your current business insurance coverage?

  • Could implementing something like..

    .. a drug-free workplace help your Company and lower your insurance rates at the same time?

Consider this Example

At a Trade Show Conference, you hear a speaker explain the benefits of implementing a new exposure-reduction type concept for companies like yours. You come back & pass the information along to your commercial insurance agent or your current Atlanta business insurance broker. He then indicates he reviewed the merits of it and thinks it would be a beneficial thing if you indeed did implement the concept. What’s Wrong with this Picture? If you hadn’t gone to the Conference, chances are good that this great idea to help your company would never have occurred.  Is there a real difference in what you will receive at LIG?  Let’s answer that question with other pertinent questions.

The Lanigan Difference

  • Would you rather have a Reactive Broker/Agent..

    .. or a Proactive one, that anticipates problems and offers solutions that allow you to conduct your business with confidence?

  • Do you expect your Broker to keep up with Changes..

    .. in your Company’s Direction and Exposures (at least twice annually), so he or she is prepared and knowledgeable enough to know what options and alternatives might benefit you?

  • Would you like someone bringing you the latest..

    .. Ideas & Trends for your consideration, so your business is ready to face changing times and circumstances without the additional risk of outdated insurance coverage?

  • Would you be more Comfortable with an Agent, who is..

    .. readily available to you, and one you think of as a Trusted Advisor or Prime Resource – almost like you might think of your valued attorney or a member of your Board of Directors?