Why Do Better Homeowners Need Lanigan

  • You have More Assets to Protect

    … and need a comprehensive asset protection plan that protects your family and the things you’ve worked hard for.

  • Your Exposures are more Complicated

    … and thus need an insurance plan with options that meet your needs and match your lifestyle.

  • Your Account Demands more Expertise & Skill

    … from an experienced, independent advisor, whose interests are aligned with yours, not those of a holding company.

  • You are Accustomed to Having the Best

    … not simply just the Adequate! Would you simply buy a Suit off the Rack, or do you expect something Tailored to your Needs

An Example


You and your wife go out to a very nice restaurant, have a reservation & when you arrive (on time), you are handed a beeper. After 15 minutes you are called & shown to a table in a crowded section. Your server takes 15 minutes to greet you. You order off the menu & enjoy a high quality meal with the server being semi-attentive.


You and your wife arrive at an exclusive fine dining restaurant & immediately are shown to a private dining room where you have the only table. Your server is immediately available to you & is solely attentive to you throughout the night. You are offered chef’s specialties that have been prepared exclusively for you. The entire manner of the evening is unique with special service, care and attention to detail.

To really feel Special, where would you rather dine? Is there a real difference in what you receive at LIG? Let’s answer that question with pertinent questions:

Does Your Agent or Broker...

  • Show you proactive expertise

    … or are you and insurance treated like a commodity?

  • Meet with you face-to-face

    … to design a comprehensive asset protection plan?

  • Identify & review all your assets

    … to discover ALL your exposures, known & unknown?

  • Provide recommended options

    … and alternatives that are unconventional?

  • Annually, do a review

    … to update your plan for any changes/needs?

  • Become available to you

    … as a trusted advisor like your CPA or Attorney would?