Why Do Better Homeowners Need Lanigan

  • You have More Assets to Protect

    … and need a comprehensive asset protection plan that protects your family and the things you’ve worked hard for.

  • Your Exposures are more Complicated

    … and thus need an insurance plan with options that meet your needs and match your lifestyle.

  • Your Account Demands more Expertise & Skill

    … from an experienced, independent advisor, whose interests are aligned with yours, not those of a holding company.

  • You are Accustomed to Having the Best

    … not simply just the Adequate! Would you simply buy a Suit off the Rack, or do you expect something Tailored to your Needs

An Example


Does Your Agent or Broker...

  • Show you proactive expertise

    … or are you and insurance treated like a commodity?

  • Meet with you face-to-face

    … to design a comprehensive asset protection plan?

  • Identify & review all your assets

    … to discover ALL your exposures, known & unknown?

  • Provide recommended options

    … and alternatives that are unconventional?

  • Annually, do a review

    … to update your plan for any changes/needs?

  • Become available to you

    … as a trusted advisor like your CPA or Attorney would?